A Day in the Sun

IMG_7493 IMG_7525 IMG_7518 IMG_7513 IMG_7527

Yesterday, my friends and I decided to drive to the beach after school and have a beach day at Butterfly beach in Montecito, California. I have been going to this beach for years now, and it never fails to disappoint. Going to the beach is a go-to thing to do in Santa Barbara, being that almost every day is a sunny day. My friend brought her Canon camera and photographed photos of me and others hanging out on the beach while we were listening to music and enjoying each others company. It fun to see how different people treat the beach and what they do while they’re there. I treat the beach as a casual place to be free, hang out, and swim whereas other people (like my friend above) are just there to chill.

This beach is my favorite one to go to because it’s the only beach where I feel the most alive and free. I have lived in California my whole life, and have never turned down an opportunity to go to the beach. At this beach specifically, there are two places we hangout at. Those places are either at the entrance of the beach (where literally everyone hangs out), or farther down the beach where we don’t know anyone we see. My friends and I thought we wouldn’t see anyone we knew at the beach yesterday, but actually ran into some friends! My friend in the picture above was just walking down the beach when he passed by and stopped so say hello, so I took that as a photo opportunity.

Butterfly allows us to drive alongside it for about a mile or more, letting us admire the views and sounds of the ocean. Even if I don’t have a bathing suit with me on a day my friends and I decide to go to the beach, relaxing alongside them on the sand is enough to satisfy my needs. Everyone has a special place they think of when they think of their “happy place”; and well for me, that place is the beach. I try to never spend a moment of my life being bored, and to always be occupied doing something I love. So with that, think of  whatever makes you happy and go do it!


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