Sunrise with friends!

Hello again! This weeks adventure consisted of a drive to the Gibraltar water tower, or at least near it (because we were too lazy to drive an extra 10 minutes). If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself, it would be that I’m a sucker for a good view; and boy does this place have a good view. My friends Lauren, Grace, and I took a twenty minute drive up to Gibraltar at 6am to watch the sunrise. Something I love about Santa Barbara is that every sunset is like a vibrant painting and you never know what colors are going to be spread across the sky. I don’t drive up to Gibraltar too often because I’m not a fan of windy car rides, and it can get rather boring if you go up a lot. Since I go up less frequently, every trip to the mountains is more meaningful and memorable.

Being able to drive and having full access to a car is an amazing privilege in Santa Barbara, and I use that privilege to the best of my advantage. Watching the clouds sit on top of the ocean is a beautiful view that I had not seen prior to this trip. Every trip I go on, whether it’s a two minute or two hour drive, I try to create new experiences everywhere I go. Having no fear and no regrets is something I believe everybody should do while trying something new. The night before this trip was not the best way my night could have been spent, so once we got to Gibraltar my mood changed instantly. The scenery and crisp air was calming and liberating. Watching the bikers go up the steep roads and wave as they go by brought such a big smile to my face. Anybody that is out and about that early in the morning will always be happy to greet you, and that is what I love about humans.

If you’re ever having a bad day, just know that there will always be someone there to lift up your spirits and brighten your day. Never spend your life doing something you don’t want to! Go out and spend every minute of your life like it’s the last! (sorry for the cliché)



IMG_7582 IMG_7591 IMG_7599 IMG_7606


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