Thrift Store finds!


IMG_7921 IMG_7924IMG_7926     Hi guys! I was out and about yesterday and stopped by Alpha Thrift store to look around, but ended up finding some (what normally are) expensive things for cheap. Before shopping, we struggled with parking because Santa Barbara’s streets are very narrow and there is hardly ever any parking downtown. Once parked, we made our way into the abyss of the unknown, or better known as the thrift store. Why I call it an abyss is because a thrift store is filled with many, many different things. That’s the thing I love about thrift stores, you never know what you’re going to find. I have found cheap things such as sunglasses, and expensive things such as Adidas jackets and shirts for only $6!

The social environment is very nice, and various types of people shop there; you don’t need to have a ton of money to leave with some great finds. Some people think of thrift stores as cheap or dirty because the clothes are already pre-worn. Well, while those people are buying name brand clothing from the store, people like me are buying them for $10 or less.

Most of the time I don’t even buy items in a thrift store, I just enjoy trying things on and and exploring. They also bring me back to my childhood. There are Bratz dolls, sesame street movies, and even go-go boots! I asked the cashier what she enjoyed about working at a thrift store (if there was anything to enjoy), and she said “It’s funny seeing certain people coming in and bringing things you wouldn’t think they’d normally have.” I found that interesting and once I began to think about it, people discard random things to thrift stores all the time that I wouldn’t normally think they own. All of the items in a thrift store have their own stories behind them, and I wonder about the stories I will create with the ones that I buy.

Driving to the thrift store was a spontaneous decision that I do not regret. Life is full of surprises, and mine was finding an adidas t-shirt for $6! What are some spontaneous things you do that excite you?

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