A Special Bond

This week I got to reconnect with a family member I hadn’t seen in a while. My cousin, Owen and I, decided to get together and catch up with each other on what’s been going on in our lives. Since we’re both the same age, it’s easy to relate to one another. Out of all 50 cousins that I have, I’m glad I have a cousin the same age because I value family a lot.

Owen and I have known each other for 5 years and just found out we we’re cousins 4 years a go. We met at a barbecue at the beach held by friends and hung out without knowing we were cousins. It wasn’t until a few weeks later my mom came into my room mentioning how I was going to be going to school with a cousin of mine. She showed me a picture of him and I started laughing because we had introduced ourselves to each other without even knowing we were related. Ever since then we’ve had a close bond and I know I can trust him.

He picked me up in his Lexus and we went to eat dinner at a restaurant called Freebirds in Isla Vista, California. They serve amazing (but expensive) Mexican food that always has me leaving full. After Freebirds, we drove around talking about upcoming concerts, what our lives consist of at the moment, and how school is going. I haven’t met a lot of people like Owen. I can really talk to him without worrying about being judged, not being listened to, or him repeating what I’m saying. He’s a genuine , awkward, funny guy who I can trust and have fun spending time with.

I am a firm believer that whether or not you think you have the time, you should always make time for family. Even if its for a short amount of time. You can make money, buy clothes, jewelry, and more; but your family is the #1 thing in your life that will always be there and something you can always count on.

Who in your family do you trust the most?

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