Last Friday (March 18), 7/11 was giving out slurpees for $1.50, and you could bring ANY sized container you want and fill it to the brim while only paying a flat rate of $1.50. Sadly I forgot, so I just filled a large cup and was happy with that. As for my friend Kelsey, she brought a very big vase and filled it until she couldn’t carry it.


After getting slurpees, we decided to drive up to to the mountains and go to a park where you can lay down and overlook the city. Every location I drive to in Santa Barbara always has a nice view. I really enjoy traveling and taking pictures with friends because having a photograph of memories makes them last forever. Everybody has a place in their city that they go to for fun, relaxation, or just because it makes them happy. Santa Barbara has a countless number of places I love going to for all of those things.


Once we arrived at our destination, we laid out our blanket and just did our own thing. We conversed about our day, boys, and new things appearing in our life. I love when my friends want to tell me stories about their lives because it shows that they feel comfortable with me and trust me. While overlooking the city on the mountain, I brought up the idea that we should go watch the sunset up on the Riviera. It’s nice up there because we can sit in the car and play our music as loud as we desire.


This was my favorite part of the night. Everything is silent and perfectly still. Beautiful city lights illuminating the buildings down below. Lauren is one of my best friends, and we bond over our dark humor. With that being said, our friendship is very odd because we’re very close and have a nice bond; but sometimes we just scream at each other over dumb things such as what size fries we should get at McDonalds.


This post may be all over the place.. but welcome to my life. From things like adventures or to places like McDonald’s, its never a bad idea to have a partner in crime by your side wherever you go. ❤


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