National Dog Day!

A few weeks ago, it was National Dog Day! I’m so pleased that dogs have their own day dedicated to them. I decided to take my dog to a preserve with my sister and let him roam around as he wishes. When I say I decided to take my dog I mean I didn’t want to do homework, so I tagged along to avoid it. I must say he was so happy. I should probably tell you about my dog, Rhett. He is a Border Collie/German Shepard mix.


He is a rescue dog and we have had him for almost 9 years 🙂 He is a very photogenic dog, but doesn’t like having his picture taken and gets very shy. Walks are Rhett’s favorite activity and Costco’s dog bones are his favorite. He is small for a German Shepard, but gets along with everybody. Along with Rhett, I have two other Fox-Terrier Chihuahua’s who are brothers from the same litter. Anyways, back to Rhett. The preserve goes on for a while, but my sister and I didn’t walk far before stopping to take pictures of our dog. One thing I love about dogs is that they’re almost always happy!!!


There were so many dogs leaving the preserve as we were arriving. I loved it because we were alone on the trail and I didn’t have to worry about people judging me while I take pictures of my dog. While on the trail you can see the ocean all the way from the Mesa to East beach. It’s really quite a sight. Sometimes I wonder, do dogs know where they are most of the time?? I know they recognize the beach, their home, and many other places; but they just like to explore and sniff new things. I find that crazy. Everywhere I go I’m taking in the scenery and what comes along with it, but all my dog does is walk along the trail with no knowledge of where he’s going. Dogs are amazing because as long as you’re with them, they don’t care where they’re going as long as you’re alongside them. They truly are a humans best friend.



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