Family Reunion

This weekend my friends and I got back together at Lucas’s house to have a “family reunion”. We all hadn’t hung out as a group in a while, so I would say this was very much called for. Lucas is the friend that has the type of house where you automatically feel welcomed into. When Talia and I entered Lucas’s house, we walked into his room and greeted Lucas, Shayne, Jesse, Teo, Zack, and Bearcat.

I initially went to sit down on a chair on the right side of his room until I saw a light coming from the bottom of his bathroom door. I was curious and walked inside to see at least 5 LED strobe lights put up along the top of the shower. I was ecstatic, immediately grabbed my camera, and dragged Talia in the bathroom with me to take pictures. I had also just purchased a shirt made by Kanye West and was hoping that we would have a good opportunity to take pictures. Ever since I got a camera, I have been fascinated with photography and cameras. Taking pictures of my friends just makes me very happy.

Lucas is the friend that you can count on and always go to for a big hug. He is 6’1″ and I am 5’4″, so his hugs are very nice. Being a very welcoming person, he has a lot of friends and is always open to making them. Shayne, Jesse, Zack, and Bearcat are some of his best friends and are always at his house hanging out. They go everywhere together and don’t keep secrets from each other, as all good friends should.

Lucas’s home is so “home-y” and suits him and his dad so well. It has a presence that just gives off a great feeling once you enter it. At his house, we play video games such as Call of Duty, GTA, watch movies, ride around on hover boards, and swim in his backyard. There are not a handful of people that I am friends with that I can say I can 100% be myself around them. Surround yourself with people whom you can take pictures with, dance, sing, swim, and speak comfortably with. It’ll make your memories so much more enjoyable.

-Sierra ❤

FullSizeRender (5) FullSizeRender (6) IMG_9738 IMG_9741


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