New York!

Last week, I took a fun little trip to New York with my mom, aunt, sister, and cousin. It was my first time traveling on a plane, and to New York! I left school early on Tuesday and drove up to my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Los Angeles at 3. We slept there so we could leave for the airport at 7 and get there on time for our flight. So, now to the fun parts. When we first got to our hotel in Manhattan at 8:30pm, we all had to quickly get ready because my cousin made dinner reservations for 9pm. The Waldorf Astoria was the hotel I was sleeping at, and boy is it beautiful. We went to dinner (which was amazing), then walked around Times Square.


It was breath taking. I thought it was cool how so many people were still walking around at 11pm with all of the lights still flashing everywhere.

The next day, Thursday, we ate at Rockefeller center, went down to Soho, shopped, saw the Statue of Liberty, and ate at Angelo’s pizza until 5, because then we had to go to dinner before our broadway show! We went to see Jersey Boys, and I totally recommend it to anyone. It was such an interesting show to watch and I never got bored of it. The character’s accents were great and the plot was fun to watch because its based off of teenagers, and I am a teen. It’s provocative, but thats partially what made it so funny.

On Friday, I was so excited because my sister and I made the spontaneous decision to buy concert tickets. In the morning though, we ate at Rockefeller center again (it’s an amazing restaurant), looked at stores, visited the Trump Towers, and went to TIFFANY’S!!! First of all, I dislike how Trump has a tower, but he is rich so it makes sense. Tiffany’s on the other hand was amazing. It saddened me though because the only thing I could afford was a water bottle. 😦 Although, my aunt told me she wanted to buy me a necklace, and she did. I’m so grateful for her taking us to New York and allowing me to experience all of these amazing things.


On Saturday, we went to Grand Central Station, the east side, statue of liberty, and I got to hangout with my friends who live in New Jersey. We literally ubered everywhere. I would have to guess that our total cost of ubers would be $300 or more. Taxi drivers drive like maniacs in the city, and there’s so much honking. You get used to it, though. It’s crazy in New York, and I am completely in love with the city.


I also went on the subway!!! I had always wanted to go on one, and I did! We took the subway to Soho, and shopped. There were so many cool stores that I went inside of, but didn’t buy much because I don’t have an abundance of cash. I didn’t care to buy a lot of things. Walking around and looking at everything there was to see was enough for me. Sadly Saturday was our last night, so we stayed out until 12 in Times Square and ate cheesecake. All of us walked around and went in places that we have in Santa Barbara such as American Eagle and Free People. Then there were cool unique places like the M&M’s store. It was excited to walk around in, but I was not going to pay $10 for a little box of M&M’s.


While in New York, I experienced many things, and loved them all. NYC is a place with so much diversity, people, and taxi’s. I hope to one day move there for a period of time in my life. The business and excitement of New York made me eager to get out of the hotel every morning. I love you, New York. ❤


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