Bryson Tiller

When in New York City, it’s a must to go the extra mile. By the extra mile I mean spend as much money as you can on food and clothes, explore the city as much as you can, and GO TO A CONCERT!!! My sister and I randomly found out that one of our favorite artists would be performing at Radio City Music Hall in 2 days, Bryson Tiller!! I was beyond excited because I brought the perfect concert outfit.



When we got there I was so happy because I love events like these. I love concerts that are out of town because you don’t know anybody there, so you can be yourself and not worry about anyone judging you/seeing you. If there’s a party or a concert, I’m there. I didn’t buy any merch though because I could buy one off of ebay for like $10.

So when the concert started, the opening act was so fun but got boring after 20 minutes. They were called “Those Guys”, and kept going “when I say Bryson, you say Tiller!!” Then we would obviously get EXCITED because it made us think that he was going to come out. This went on for an hour. Annoying, right?

Then the lights dimmed and we all knew what was coming. The strobe lights turned on and the track to “For However Long” came on. Everyone started screaming with their phones in the air. You could easily see everyone had Snapchat open ready for him to come out.

Then finally he comes out through the back of the stage and all 6,000 of us went crazy.

Bryson singing For However Long

I WAS SO EXCITED. I was so close to the stage too, I could see his face!! After he sang his first song, he talked about his personal life. He talked about his daughter and how she wants to be a singer too. We all aww’d in sync. He sang all of his songs. You know when that one song comes on, and it just so happens to be every bodies favorite? Yea, that moment was my favorite moment.


He started singing Exchange and we all sang along for the whole duration of the song. Then he sang songs he had on Soundcloud before he was famous. He said only “true” Bryson Tiller fans knew of his Soundcloud songs.


He finally ended the concert with the song that started his career – “Don’t”. This concert was the absolute best concert I’ve been to yet. I am absolutely in love with Bryson Tiller and concerts. So, this was the perfect combination. With that being said, I will have many more concert experiences to share with you guys. ❤




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