Friends in NYC

When I was in New York City, I luckily had spare time to hangout with some friends. They live down in New Jersey, but it only takes them an hour to get to Manhattan if they take the subway. I barely had enough time to hangout, but I knew I had to make it happen. There wasn’t a day that I wasn’t busy, but Saturday was our last day and we took a mellow approach to it. My mom, aunt, cousin, and sister went out to dinner with my aunt’s friend at 5:30. After, we went to see the statue of liberty and go to Junior’s cheesecake store. If you ever ever ever go to NYC and love cheesecake, go to Junior’s.


Anyways… after we got cheesecake, I ubered the boys to Junior’s. I ubered them because I told them to meet at my hotel but ended up going straight to Times Square. So I felt bad and ubered them so they could come hangout. Keep in mind, I hadn’t met them before this. I’ll just call them J and Mo. I met J first over social media (cliche, I know) and we have been texting for a little more than a year. I thought it would be awkward during our first real encounter. It was the complete opposite. I texted him and asked him where he was only to find out he was right behind me. I ran to him, said hello, and jumped into his arms. He then introduced Mo to me and he was very sweet. We exchanged hello’s, hugs, and made small talk – asking each other how we were, what we’ve been up to, and mostly how weird it is that we finally got to meet.


So here we are in Starbucks. We didn’t get anything because the line was too long, but Mo had to charge his phone so we stayed. After Starbucks we walked around Times Square and window shopped. I know guys hate shopping with girls, but I figured they would be okay with bikini shopping  in American Eagle because, you know boys. It didn’t last long though because we got bored.

do you see the girl in the bottom left corner who rUiNS the picture

So where to go when you’re bored? Literally anywhere. I wanted to go to this party they invited me to, but I had to be back at my hotel by 11 so :/ It was only 10:15 so we still had some time. I didn’t know what to do, so I asked them and they shrugged. Back to window shopping I guess. When we were walking I would stop them and take pictures of them because they’re beautiful men.

Sadly it came time for me to leave. So we said our goodbye’s and hugged saying how it was good to meet each other and all that kinda stuff. I then walked back to the hotel with my sister thinking about how much I love New York and how much I don’t wanna leave. I find New York so exciting and full of opportunities waiting for me to discover. I can’t wait to go back to NYC and explore more of the amazing city.

See you soon, New York ❤


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